Jodhpur Tour Packages

Jodhpur Tour Packages

Jodhpur Tour Packages

Plan exotic and customised Jodhpur holidays with Heritage Rajasthan Jodhpur holiday packages. Travel to Jodhpur by availing the Jodhpur tour packages and have a wonderful travelling experience. Explore the various places of interest in Jodhpur by travelling around this popular tourist destination. The Jodhpur Travel packages are designed to make the Jodhpur tours a memorable sojourn.

Jodhpur Tour Packages….Located on the eastern fringe of the Thar Desert, the city of Jodhpur exudes the languid charm of a frontier outpost.

The monumental Mehrangarh fort.

The Art Deco marvel called Umaid Bhawan.

Serene Bishnoi villages dotting the cityâs outskirts.

Craft trading centre of the desert region.

Home to the poofy horse-riding pants called âJodhpursâ made famous globally by Jacqueline Kennedy.

 A distinct miniature school of paintingâ Jodhpurâs distinct character works slowly on your senses, and leaves a lingering impression over time. It has none of the tumultuous energy of Jaipur, the picturesque setting of Udaipur, or the haunting beauty of Jaisalmer, and yet, it is difficult not to be enamored by Jodhpur.